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Lot 107 Quayle
$287,900 - 1,920
Not the Actual Home
Lot 108 Truman
$298,900 - 2,051
Lot 125 Phoenix
$319,900 - 2,259
Lot 126 Sydney
$293,900 - 1,827
Lot 127 Lawson
$292,900 - 1,827
Lot 129 Lawson
$292,900 - 1,827
Lot 133 - Abbott
$292,900 - 2,053
Lot 134 - Wescott
$296,900- 2,073
Lot 135 Jasper
$299,900 - 2,010
Lot 136 - Covington
$299,900 - 2,017
Lot 137
$xxx,xxx - x,xxx
SUN 138 Abbott
Lot 138 Abbott
$297,900 - 2,053
Lot 139 Abbott
$292,900 - 2,053
Lot 142
$xxx,xxx - x,xxx
Lot 144
$xxx,xxx - x,xxx
Lot 143
$xxx,xxx - x,xxx

Elementary School:  Rocky Fork

Middle School:  Rocky Fork

High School:  Smyrna High

  • In order to be fair to all of our customers and preserve the value for existing and new construction sales, new home prices are not negotiable. Your neighbor paid the same as you.
  • We do not have a model home. 
  • Homes are not listed in the MLS until the cabinets have been installed.
  • Earnest Money Required - See each separate listing.
  • Add $10,000 to pre-sell on a lot not shown here.
  • With Approved Lender - Up to $5,000 in cost paid for buyer! This can go towards, title, pre-paids, etc. In most cases you can choose your own lender. However, there are some Lenders the builders will not approve for the $5,000. We have a list at this link, but if you already have your own lender, just let us know and we will find out about your lender for you.
Lot 102 Truman
SOLD - 2,051

Close 2/24

SUN 103C Abbott
Lot 103 Abbott
SOLD - 2,053

Close 1/24

SUN 128
Lot 128 Keegan
SOLD- 1,839

Close 2/13

Lot 130 Bella 3
SOLD - 1,873

Close 2/27

Lot 131 Keegan
SOLD - 1,839

Close 2/14

SUN 132 BC
Lot 132 - Wescott
$296,900 - 2,073

Close 2/28

SUN 140 Reagan
Lot 140 - Reagan
SOLD - 2,073

Close 1/30

SUN 141 Wescott
Lot 141 Wescott
SOLD - 2,073

Close 1/30

SUN 145 Abbott
Lot 145 Abbott
SOLD - 2,053

Close 1/21


Georgia Evans

(615) 542-7880 - Preferred
(615) 933-7166 - Office

Measurements and square footage shown are APPROXIMATE.  Changes sometimes occur during construction.  Please see specific house for exact measurements and square footage.  When photos and/or renderings are shown of another home, they are shown for illustration purposes only.  Unless it is specifically stated in your agreement, an item may or may not be included or be built as shown.  If you have a specific concern, please address prior to contract agreement.  Seller reserves the right to change any fixtures, doors, windows, placement of walls, railings, front porch columns, cabinets, counter tops, etc, at any time during construction. Seller reserves the right to increase prices at any time without notice or prior obligation.

Verify all room sizes and square footage if a concern prior to agreement. All final square footage is determined at time of appraisal. Completion date shown is an estimate only, time could vary depending on weather, supply and subcontractor availability.  Tax amount shown is a new construction estimate.  Please consult with your title company for a more accurate amount.

This website is owned, maintainted and edited by Georgia Evans. This is not a builder website. All sales and marketing information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.  If any matters are of specific concern, it is up to the consumer to obtain independent advice or information. Builder and/or agent will not be held liable. There are 3 builders on this site. Every effort has been made to make sure all information that pertains to each builder is correct. If you have any specific concern, please ask.

All advertising will show a garage and/or placement for a driveway.  Trees, Codes, water and sewer lines, topo of the lot, and rock must all be considered. Builder determines the location of the driveway, and if any plan needs to be "flipped", to accommodate these items.  "Because you see the garage on the left or right on our website or drawings, does not necessarily mean the garage will be on that side when built."

Compensation is not paid on any seller concessions; (closing cost or title).

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