Seller Pre-Listing Repairs

Although we have no way of knowing what any inspector may or may not find in any home, below are common items that are written in home inspection reports. If too many items are found in reports, buyers will typically get nervous and may want to cancel their contract. The more of these items you can have completed before an inspector comes to your home, the smoother the repair negotiations will go.


  • Make sure there is no water sitting under the house and the ground is not wet.
  • Make sure there is a vapor barrier under the foundation on crawl space homes.
  • Heat and air unit is not covered in weeds, bushes or trees.
  • Drain pipe from heat and air unit is flowing freely for runoff water.
  • No missing foundation vents.
  • No missing flaps or uncovered dryer vents.
  • All splash blocks are installed under the gutters.
  • Gutters are not missing any elbows at the bottom of gutter.
  • All gutters are free of leaves and debris.
  • No missing screens
  • No broken windows.
  • All porch rails are installed and securely fastened.
  • No roof leaks, missing shingles or shingles not laying flat.
  • No missing foundation crawl space door, and door shuts securely.
  • No holes in vinyl siding or pieces missing.
  • All shutters are attached and secure.
  • All heat and air duct work is securely fastened underneath the house.
  • The attic is vented properly through the roof.
  • Make sure garage doors open and close freely.
  • No missing foundation insulation, and insulation is secure and not falling out of floor joists. (N/A if perimeter is sprayed.)
  • If you have included a fence or pool in marketing, these items must be in working order unless otherwise disclosed.


  • Runoff pan installed under hot water heater.
  • Pressure regulator valve is installed on hot water heater.
  • No water stains from roof leaks on interior ceilings.
  • If attic ladder is in home, make sure the ladder is in working order and none of the springs or steps are broken.
  • Make sure the dishwasher is not leaking.
  • Make sure all appliances are in working order including ice maker if installed.
  • All electrical outlets are in working inside and out.
  • All drain plugs in tubs will seal and hold water.
  • All windows are caulked as applies, and no air is blowing in.
  • All exterior doors are properly sealed with weatherstripping.
  • All interior doors close and latch properly.
  • All bi-fold doors are in/on their tracks.
  • All stair rails going to second floor, or down to garage are properly installed and secure.
  • All toilets flush freely and water cuts off after flushing.
  • All fireplace chimneys are free of birds, nests, etc.
  • Make sure damper opens and closes freely.
  • If pilot light is part of fireplace, make sure key is secure and available.
  • Make sure all drywall pops, or holes have been repaired and/or patched.
  • Fiberglass tubs may need repaired if they have large chips in them.
  • If there is ceramic tile missing, broken, cracked or chipped, it may need to be replaced.

Make sure when you move, the home is broom cleaned, and all trash and paint cans removed.

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