Proposed Construction Homes

Typically, we do not sell any home until the cabinets have been placed in the home. By this time there is enough done in the home that you can see the layout, colors, etc.

Because there is such a demand for homes right now, the builders have agreed to accept contracts for “proposed construction” homes, (homes that have either not been started or barely built) under the terms and conditions below.

To keep homes from having the same colors next to each other, all exterior colors are chosen by the builder, no exceptions.

All cabinets and counter tops are ordered by the builder at the time the home is framed and cannot be changed. All cabinets and counter tops are the color and style shown in current homes under construction.

All paint colors are standard, “think Sheepskin”. This color matches all furniture. Buyer can choose a different paint color as long as the home has not already been painted and provides a $4,500 deposit with builder. Upon closing, $4,500 deposit will be refunded to buyer. This is non refundable.

All light fixtures, towels bars, door knobs, etc. are standard and chosen by the builder.

Buyers will have a choice in carpet and laminate. After the cabinets have been placed in the home, the listing agent will notify the selling agent that the samples have been taken to the home for buyer to choose their colors. (Colors are left in home so buyer can see colors against the cabinets and countertops.) They will have 48 hours to let listing agent know what colors they have chosen. Buyer’s agent to text or email both colors and numbers to listing agent.

If colors are not received by deadline time within 48 hours, the seller will choose the colors.  Carpet will be # 683 Aspen and Laminate will be Trailrace.  Colors are shown on the website.

*You should also know the builder does not move light switches, heat and air return vents, direction of door swings, change out bi-fold doors to swinging doors, etc.