Please Prepare My Offer - (Realtor to Fill Out)

Georgia will prepare the offer as these are on builder docs. Just fill out the information and Georgia will email all of the paperwork to the buyer's Realtor. The information below is going straight to Georgia's email address.

When you submit this, this is considered your offer and is being sent to the seller for approval.

If this sale is contingent on a home selling, please click the button below to obtain another form.  Please fill out this form and email to Georgia at

Sales Price is what is shown on the website.

If Seller pays any cost for buyer, closing will be at Guaranty Title in Smyrna near the subdivision.  Seller has no financial interest or affiliation with Guaranty Title.  It is a matter of convenience to the communities, keys to the property, and excellent service.

To receive any seller paid cost at closing, you can use any lender you like as long as the seller approves the lender. You can email Georgia to check on your lender.  Usually the seller will NOT approve out of state or "e" lenders.

Please submit pre-approval letter to email address:  Thank you!

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