How Do I Get One of These Homes?

Eight Steps to Getting a Home

  1. Know what your payment will be, and how much money you will need. If you already have a Lender, your Lender will figure your payment and give you all of these numbers.
    If you don’t already have a Lender. Your Realtor will help you with this and put you in touch with a Lender. If you don't have a Realtor or Lender, Georgia will help you.
  2. Now, you will choose which house you would like to live in.
  3. Your Realtor will prepare your paperwork, showing the price, terms and closing date.
  4. Georgia will need a pre-approval letter from your lender stating they will approve your loan based on what they have from you.
  5. You will meet with your Realtor to go over the paperwork and answer any remaining questions.
  6. Your paperwork is now sent to the Builder for approval.
  7. Earnest money is now given to the Builder.
  8. All signed paperwork is now sent to the Lender to start gathering documents from you and the Builder, to process your loan.

That's it.

This is all it takes to start your journey on becoming a homeowner!  After we have completed this part, your Realtor will tell you everything we need to do as we go along.


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Below Are the Numbers You Need to Know for Money Needed

Down Payment Amount
Closing Cost Amount

Credit from any Lender Program
Credit Closing Cost Paid by Seller

Below Are the Numbers You Need To Determine Your Monthly Payment

County Taxes
City Taxes
Homeowners Insurance
Mortgage Insurance Premium
HOA Fees