Frequently Asked Questions

Is there insulation in the attic? 
Yes, above all living space.

Is there insulation in the garage? 
Yes, next to all living space.  Insulation is not in the exterior wall of the garage.

What are the R Factors?
Walls R13
Attic Blow R38
Boarded Ceiling R38
Bonus Rm Slope R30C

How long does it take to build a house? 
This will depend on the floor plan, the time of year and the weather.  Larger floor plans take longer.  If a house is started in the spring (when everybody else is building) we have to wait longer on subs AND inspectors.  If it is raining, snowing or freezing weather, it will obviously take longer.  Normally 120 - 150 days, (from the time the lumber is dropped) would cover about any house we have on our website unlesss it states different on that web page.

Are storm doors included? 
No, each homeowner would need to provide their own if one is wanted.

Are mail boxes included? 
They are NOT included in Valley Green.

They are NOT included in Hallmark & Weatherstone

They ARE included in Bankside.

They ARE included in Villages of Greentree.

What do I do if I want to pre-wire for music, etc?
We will give you the name of the electrician doing the home.  You will need to work out all the details with him and pay him directly.

Can I get a copy of the blueprints for my house from the builder?
No.  They are copyrighted prints available only from the architect who drew them  Print cost range from $850.00 - $2,000.00 per house.

Can the builder do a fence, or get me a price for a fence etc?
No, fencing is not part of the home, and the builder does not do any type of fence work.  For this service you would need to contact an independent fence company.  Many of our clients have used American Fence Company.

If me, my family, my friend etc. wants to do work on the home, can we do the work and the builder pay us?
No, arrangements have already been made with the current sub contractors on pricing, scheduling etc.  In addition, the builders insurance does not cover uninsured workers.

How much would it cost for the builder to include blinds?
$75.00 per window, 2 inch white vinyl slats from Home Depot.  Must be paid for up front, outside of the sale price, or you can call the blind folks directly;  RC Blinds (615) 604-2266

How much would it cost to put a covered porch on the back of the house?
$8,500 if it has not been framed.  If it has already been framed with the roof on, about $10,500.  If the roof is on already, the cost for this would have to be paid up front.

Do you have any other lots in this community that we can build on or look at?
EVERYTHING that we currently have available is shown on our website.  If you don't see it here, it is not available.

Is a survey included?
No, it is not automatically included on any existing home that is purchased either.  The stakes you see on the lots have been placed to lay out the HOUSE.  Builders use stake "envelopes" to know where to correctly sit a house on a lot. Sometimes these stakes get moved by children, doziers and neighbors.  They are not accurate enough to place a fence. If you use these stakes and they are wrong, it will be your responsibility to move the fence if your neighbor makes this demand.  You will need to call a surveyor to correctly identify your lot lines to place a fence.  Most fence companies have someone they are used to working with and can suggest a surveyor.  Huddleston Engineering in Murfreesboro surveys lots if you don't know of anyone

Can I request which side my driveway/garage goes on the house?
No, the placement of the driveways is determined by the water and sewer lines. We are told where to place the lines from the city. The builder has no control over this.

What if I Want to Start a Floor Plan That You Are Already Building on a Another Lot?
The minimum proposed construction fee is $7,000.  Builders pay construction interest on every home while building. It cost every month while a home is sitting. They are not going to build the same plan while they currently have one available.


C  O  L  O  R    C  H  O  I  C  E  S

**  Note: all homes are chosen with neutral colors to insure that most all home furnishings will be compatible.  Although colorful homes show beautifully, we have found this limits many people whose furnishings would not be compatible.

Can I choose all of the colors? 
This depends on what stage the house is in when you purchase, and if the items are already ordered, made and in stock.  We will gladly check.

When do I pick out colors, etc?
After the contract has been signed by all parties, the agent or superintendent will contact the buyer to either come to the Realty office, or meet at the subdivision if it is only 1 or 2 colors.  We will advise your agent.

Can you hold color orders while I am deciding on the house?
No, we proceed with all colors orders until we have a signed binding agreement between all parties.

How do I know if an item has been ordered?
Upon framing - All cabinets have been ordered.  When we know the counter top colors, we post them on the web pages.

Vinyl Siding and Stone
When the lumber package is dropped on the job site, the siding and stone are ordered.  Vinyl Siding is used, not James Hardie Board.  All DARKER colored vinyl siding has a premium charge.  The price will be figured on placement of siding, floor plan and color.

Paint - Homes are painted with:

Infinity Home Builders - Porter Paint Color #416-3 Gray Beige
Dennis Butler Builders - Farrell Calhoun Paint #0566 - Sheepskin

All trim is white.  (All colors can be googled online.)

The colors can be changed IF they have not already painted the home, with a deposit of $4,500 to be refunded upon closing.

Front Door - Usually the last thing painted is the front door. Some doors come colored with a primer, this is not your colored front door. It will be painted the color you request UNLESS it was already painted prior to your purchase.

Carpet, Tile, & Laminate
When the trim goes in the home, all flooring has been ordered and sits in the carpet company's warehouse until we call them for installation.  To change the order, we would need to call the supplier to see if he has already placed the order, and if it has been shipped to him already.  If it is in his warehouse already, it cannot be changed.

Why don't I see a roof color on your selections?

We use 3 dimensional weathered wood on every home with Infinity Home Builders.  It matches all siding and stone colors.  All other builders choose their own roof colors.

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