All paint colors are kept neutral to ensure that all homeowners furnishings will coordinate. The color is shown to the left, (think sheepskin). If you don't like this color, (and the house has not been painted), you can choose any paint color you like with a $4,500 deposit at time of selection. Upon closing, this fee will be credited back to you. If the home has already been painted, no refund will be issued at closing.

Bankside, Hallmark, Valley Green, Villages of Greentree & Weatherstone - All fixture colors are determined by the individual builder and cannot be changed without paying an upgrade price, due to the difference in suppliers used.

Dennis Butler Builders - Brushed Nickel is used - to change to bronze, the cost is $900.00 paid at time of selection.

Infinity Home Builders - Rubbed Bronze is used - to change to Brushed Nickel, the cost is $900.00 paid at time of selection.

Scott Butler Homes - Colors are chosen by builder.

All changes are charged a processing fee of $300.00 to change out with the supplier. If an item has already been received or installed by the supplier, the cost will be higher. You would have to pay for the work to be completely re-done.